The Veterans Cover: Better Health, Better Life

The signing of veteran’s choice program extension and improvement act by President Donald Trump now gives veterans a chance to seek medical care in the private sector. With the implementation of the act, the veteran’s affair department can now focus on developing a comprehensive plan that enables veterans to seek medical care outside the already established VA health system.



According to the president, the VA system will still run as usual until the funding runs out, and that’s expected to be later next year. Trump notes that veteran’s needs haven’t been taken care of, but now they are free to seek medical help from the doctors of their choice.



Shulkin, who was one of the bill-signing attendants, noted that the bill will work to improve medical service delivery to veterans. He also thinks that such an approach is a perfect way to honor their commitments and addresses their needs.



The program came to light after the death of 40 veterans in Phoenix who were awaiting appointments at the VA medical center. With this program, veterans should be able to get timely medical cover as opposed to driving 40 miles to a facility or waiting up to one month for an appointment.



The passing of the bill also saw a positive commendation from the executive director of the veteran for America who thanked the president for upholding his promise, and said that more still needs to be done to ensure veterans’ safety and health. With even tougher legislation yet to be implemented concerning the bill, we hope to see more legislation on reforms that will get rid of middlemen and VA bureaucrats.



On the same note, Senator John McCain said that there had been over seven million appointments made to different health care providers within the choice program. He adds that if it were not for the program, such appointments would have lagged behind.


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