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Timothy Wright is Awarded Following His Service to the State during Deployment

SetVet~August 6, 2017 /US Military Veterans/US Veterans

The benefits of having veterans in a state include enjoying protection offered by patriarchs. Timothy Wright is one such democrat who served the state by protecting citizens against harm from different states. After serving the state for years, Tim filed a case against Jamestown City. This followed his service to the nation as a police officer. The detective filed complaints stating that the police department mistreated him when he was serving in the army.


Timothy Wright is currently serving as a chief police officer in Carroll. He filed the complaint in 2007. The case was classified under the rights act in clause 1994. Tim also complained about the department denying him some of the officer’s basic rights including a vacation. He was also denied a deserved promotion. According to Mr. Michael Macomber, his legal representative, Timothy Wrights had been deployed in 2004 following his mission in Iraq. He also served in Afghanistan for six months in 2009.


In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled against Timothy’s case stating that the claims were not valid. The ruling indicated that the time set aside for vacation was not calculated fairly. The police department, as well as the city, filed a court appeal which was later dropped. Seeing as the appeal was dropped, the Supreme Court offered a settlement worth $ 44,565 as compensation for mistreatment. The amount came in after a long haul of case proceedings in court. Tim was also awarded an additional amount of $ 44,656 to cover the damages and $ 83,000 to cater for the attorney’s fees.


According to Macomber, the ruling is a win for the veterans. This is a clear indication that most veterans who sought justice would be rewarded according to their input in the state. It also indicated that veterans who had pending cases in courts would be taken care of eventually.

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