VA Lobbies to Keep McDonald

Veterans of the united states armed forces are among the most respected individuals in the country. The veterans are represented by the national Veterans Association, which provides healthcare services, financial resources, and a variety of other benefits to veterans. Under the President Obama administration, the Veterans Association was well represented by the veterans secretary Robert McDonald. However, under the new administration set to take office in the next few weeks, there is some concern.


According to a recent news article (, many of the top representatives of the VA and other related veteran organizations have voiced their approval of Robert McDonald and desire for him to be retained in his current role. The biggest concern that the VA has cited so far is that they are concerned about losing much of the benefit and progress they have received over the past eight years. Any reduction in benefits to the veterans could be very disadvantageous and create struggles in their personal lives.


At this point it is on clear what Donald Trump will do in regards to picking a new secretary for the VA. Thus far, any positions that he has appointed have been new people to join his administration as cabinet members or advisers. Of all existing cabinet members, most would expect that McDonald has the best chance of being retained due to his immense popularity with members of both political parties.


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