Veteran Is Comforted By PTSD

Michael Madden is a cotton candy maker who works in New Castle. He started a cotton candy business is to pay for his guide dog. Michael adopted a service dog named Shiloh in 2016. They two quickly bonded. Michael has been suffering from emotional distress ever since he left Iraq.

Michael has paid for most of the expenses that he has incurred from owning a dog. Now, he has some help. An event called Warriors Rock will raise money for Shiloh’s care expenses. A portion of the funds will also go towards helping other veterans.

Gary Racan and Studio-E Band are one of the bands that will be performing at the event. Veterans will also come to the stage and sing “God Bless USA.” The event will take place at the Youngstown Playhouse on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Veterans and students will get in for just $15. The general public will get in for $25. People can purchase the tickets in advance by calling 330-788-8739. They can also purchase tickets at the door.

Michael suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He served in Iraq for 18 months. He has struggled with the PTSD for 11 years. Although he took medication and received therapy, he still was unable to cope with it. When someone recommended that he get a service dog, he decided to get Shiloh. He stated that Shiloh helps him with the emotional struggles he faces every day.

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