Veteran Rides His Bike Across The Country

Robert Neidlenger is a U.S. veteran who is riding his bike from California to Florida. He has already ridden 1,400 miles and still has over 1,000 miles to go. He has been on this journey for three months.


Robert is 53-years-old. He is hoping that he will make it to St. Augustine, which is his ending destination, by the end of next month. On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, he arrived in College Station. He checked into a hotel and spent the night there. He also did laundry and fixed his bike.


Robert’s journey has been anything but easy. Not only has he battled with fatigue, but his diet has consistently mostly of ramen noodles and oatmeal. Even though he stayed at the hotel a few days ago, he has spent most of his nights at campgrounds.


This is not the first cross-country bike trip that Robert has taken. He once rode his bike from Kentucky to Oregon. He has also ridden his bike from Bowling Green, Kentucky to Galveston, Texas.


Robert stated that he is riding his bike in order to make sense of the world. He has also found that the exercise makes it easier for him to deal with his epilepsy. He has had fewer seizures since he started riding his bike. Additionally, Robert is helping his fellow veterans. He is riding his bike to raise awareness about the issues that veterans face after they return home.


Robert joined the military in 1981. He served for 11 years. He was forced to retire from the military after he suffered a traumatic brain injury, which lead to his seizures. Robert stated that biking gives him a sense of purpose.

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