Veterans Affairs Having Problems With Record Keeping

It seems like the Veterans Affairs office is sending notices to veterans asking them for money back. Some veterans have been receiving letters stating that they were overpaid when they received their benefits and that they owe the VA office money.

Isaac Daniel is a case in point. He served for more than twenty two years, and he was entitled to benefits because of injuries that he had. He has been receiving those benefits since 2006. Recently, he got a letter stating that he had been overpaid eighteen thousand dollars and that he had to pay it back. The VA office said that he did not have children, but Daniel did have children, and they were all under the age of nineteen. The VA office said that they sent him a form to fill out to show that he had children, but Daniel said that he never got the form. In the end, he found out that they sent the form to an old address of his, where he had not lived for thirty five years. The VA office started to take off money from his checks in order to pay back the debt they said he owed them.

Other stories are coming up about veterans who got a letter from the VA saying that they owed money. One veteran supposedly owed twenty two thousand dollars, but he says that he never got disability checks during the time period the letter alleges.

Reforms must be put in place at the VA office to correct record keeping errors.

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