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Veterans Affairs Sends Notices Of Overpayment

Thousands of military veterans have received notices of benefits overpayment from the United States Department Of Veteran Affairs. This development is cause for concern for many U.S. veterans.

Take the case of Isaac Daniel, a 22-year veteran of the United States Navy that retired with a disability. Upon retirement, Daniel began receiving monthly disability payments of $1100 in addition to retirement payments of $1200. Daniel, his wife, and five children relied on both checks to make ends meet.

The nightmare for Daniel begins a little over a year ago when he received a letter from the Veteran Affairs debt management system center stating that Daniel received overpayments of more than $18,000.

The veterans administration explained to Daniel that he had never completed a form sent to him used to verify the presence of dependent children in the home. Daniel said that he never received such a form but that the number of dependents in his home was the same since his 2006 retirement.

When Daniel contacted the Veteran Administration it was learned that the letter was sent to an address where Daniel had lived 35 years previously. The result for Daniel and family was the garnishment of his disability check to pay back what the VA had determined was the debt Daniel owed them.

Daniel’s case is not an isolated one.

Airforce retiree Zaldy Sabino was informed of a 22,000 debt he owed to the VA. The problem, Sabino explains is that he never received money from the VA at the time the VA alleges.

Many more veterans have spoken in protests to debts they are said to owe due to the faulty record-keeping practices of the VA.

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