Veterans Now Honored with Their Own Month

President Donald Trump has declared November to be National Veterans and Military Families Month. With U.S. Armed Forces in conflicts across the globe, there is no better time to set aside than the month of Thanksgiving.

The declaration was made on November 1st, with the President stating in his proclamation: “Our veterans are our heroes. Our Armed Forces have preserved the security and freedom that allow us to flourish as a Nation.”

President Trump has expressed his respect and dedication to our armed forces on many occasions. And with this declaration, he has chosen to recognize and bring to the forefront issues facing our combat veterans at home.

The United States is currently in armed conflicts on two continents. This month is being set aside to honor them with ceremonies and thanking them for the service they have given the American people. Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, only half a million are still alive in 2017. This month is intended to be one not only of Thanksgiving but of remembrance and gratitude for these and all veterans of American conflicts.

This is the first time American veterans have been honored with a National Month. VA hospitals and facilities all over the country will be showing their appreciation all month and promoting programs aimed at improving the welfare of all veterans.

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