Veterans Suggest Solutions to VHA Issues

For a long time, U.S. Veterans have been lamenting about the Department of Veterans of Affairs. The health insurance cover that veterans have with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is not sufficient to meet their healthcare needs and they also receive poor services from the VHA. The fact that they only have the option of having a cover with the VHA is also a problem because the VHA knows it has no competition and therefore does very little to address their grievances.


Veterans suggest that the VHA should be privatized and maybe then, the quality of healthcare services they receive will improve. They want the government to increase the pay of soldiers in active duty to enable them to take up insurance covers with private firms of their choice. Veterans also want to be involved in the running and operation in the VHA because that way, they will have no choice but to deliver quality services to their own. The government should also allocate enough funds to the VHA to meet the healthcare needs of the veterans.


Many past presidents have attempted to fix these issues but always fail at doing so because they take the wrong approach. Among President Donald Trump’s promises during his presidency campaign was to fix these issues once and for all and improve the welfare of veterans who so faithfully served the country. However, many are skeptical about the fulfillment of these promises unless the privatization approach is taken.


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