Veterans Want People to Truly Understand PTSD

PTSD, which stands for post traumatic stress disorder, is a condition that is often associated with veterans. PTSD can develop after soldiers are in stressful, violent and frightening conditions due to war and combat.


There are several misconceptions that the public have about PTSD, and veterans want people to know that while the condition can be a challenge to manage, effective treatment is possible.


One of the biggest myths about PTSD is that people who suffer from it are extremely aggressive and violent. Studies show that people who have PTSD are only slightly more violent than the rest of the population. When people with PTSD act out violently, this could be due to other conditions that are often associated with PTSD, like bipolar disorder.


Veterans also want people to know that PTSD is not a sign of weakness. Some people think that PTSD is just an excuse for being unable to cope with the stresses of life. However, civilians sometimes fail to realize that people in the military have often seen some intensely sad and scary things while at war. The loud noises and sight of dead bodies can have a negative impact on soldiers, and family members and friends can help to make PTSD more manageable by being understanding and supportive.


Finally, it’s important for the general public to know that PTSD is treatable. Some veterans turn to meditation or yoga to center their minds and bodies and have more control over their thoughts. Veterans also state that counseling and therapy can be helpful for PTSD, even if the mental health professional doesn’t know anything about war firsthand. Being able to talk through feelings and issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment can help veterans to feel more at ease, which increases the chances that they’ll be able to transition healthily into civilian life after serving in the military.


For more information on veterans and PTSD, visit the Huffington Post website.

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